Mobile Scanning

We can come to your organisation:

SkinXam offers a mobile skin cancer scanning service for companies, clubs, organisations, councils, governments and other organisations that employ an outdoor workforce or staff who are often exposed to sun while they are at work.

SkinXam can provides a team of highly qualified doctors and technicians to visit your premises and undertake bulk billed skin cancer screening of your team members. The latest skin scanning computers are delivered on site to complete the full body scanning. Suspicious lesions are highlighted, photographed and also computer analysed. A provisional diagnosis list will be provided. Minor treatments can be performed there and then. More complicated procedures requiring a clinical setting will be arranged with your team members to be undertaken at the SkinXam clinic.

We value our employees, as we’re sure you do. Ensuring the health of your team is a sure way of encouraging their dedication to your business.

To discuss having a SkinXam team onsite at your premises, please contact us