About HeartXam:

HeartXam is a specialised primary care cardiovascular clinic (heart health).

Our mission is to reduce the incidence of heart attacks amongst the communities of the Gold Coast.

Our doctors are highly trained in the early detection, prevention and treatment of heart illnesses which effect so many people in our community. We use the latest technologies available to assist with the examination of your heart. These computerised technologies enable your Doctor at HeartXam to accurately identify blood vessel illness at an early stage, and work with you on a plan to improve your long term health.

A HeartXam will leave you comfortable that your heart has been thoroughly checked, and any illness diagnosed.

We encourage our patients and their families to be checked regularly – together we can make a difference to the health of our community.

All our procedures are bulk billed, please contact us to make an appointment for a HeartXam.


HeartXam Process:

The HeartXam process is more than simply a heart check. During your consultation, your doctor will:

  1. Provide you with number of tests using the latest technologies available:
  • electro cardiogram testing;
  • pulse wave velocity testing;
  • stress testing;
  • spirometry testing; and
  • laboratory tests
  1. Look for any irregular heart rhythms;
  2. Discuss with you any concerns you have about your heart (palpitations, chest pain or shortness of breath);
  3. Provide treatment for any identified heart and blood vessel illness; and
  4. Provide you with a plan that will optimise the health of your heart for the future.

The HeartXam process includes your personal medical history and a number of quick, non-invasive tests.

Our doctors are dedicated to the wellbeing of our patients. We aim to be the trusted primary care source of heart health within our community.

HeartXam Technology

Our Doctors use the latest technology and training to ensure your health

We aim to be able to measure the improving health of your heart from one HeartXam to the next.

At HeartXam we use the latest evidence based medical expertise, training and computerised cardiovascular equipment to identify heart illnesses at a very early stage.

Your doctors at HeartXam are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art computerised technology for checking the health of your heart, assisting the doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis. This digital equipment then stores your results for future comparison and we can measure how the health of your heart is improving through treatment.

ECG, pulse wave velocity testing and lab testing are now the recognised international standard of care for heart attack detection and prevention. Our protocol is much more than a ‘basic’ primary care heart check.